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Designed by Women is an impressive collection of objects curated by The Stewart Program for Modern Design in Montreal. The collection celebrates the role women have in the field of design. It is a testament to women’s contributions in bringing useful and beautiful objects to the people throughout the last two centuries.

The play between the two typefaces is used to convey the variety between different objects. It is illustrating the contrast between the classic and the modern approach among the featured designers. Both typefaces were designed by women. The overall identity is very minimal and neutral as to let the objects be the main focus. There is a dash of orange used to highlight certain elements and give a bit of glam to stand alone material that don’t feature items from the collection.

The microsite was made by Locomotive. It is a temporary presentation tool aiming to inform and gather donations. The main objective is to create a virtual museum and promote women’s contribution in design to a world wide audience.

Work done at Paprika.

Vedran Vaskovic
available for freelance projects
+1 514 834-3014
Montréal, Canada