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Patsy is a person unaware of its inadequacies. When you need a bag man, you get a patsy. When you need a fall guy, you get a patsy. When you need a scape goat, you get a patsy. When you need a patsy, you get a patsy. Patsy takes one for the team. If you are the last in on the joke, then you are the patsy.

This is a typeface unaware of its imperfections. It is unrefined and unsophisticated, yet bold and brazen. It has no sense of space and time, it is loud and boring at the same time. It is ready to be pushed out there and get blamed. Do what you want with it, there is no shame in cutting it loose.

Patsy is a fun idea born out of boredom. Lazily executed, but a useful exploration. The process dragged on and it almost got shelved. Hopefully it can live somewhere in obscurity and be appreciated on a rare occasion. Give it a try, download it for free. Have fun with it and send me the results!

Download Patsy Sans Grotesque here.


Vedran Vaskovic
available for freelance projects
+1 514 834-3014
Montréal, Canada