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Volo Cannabis is dedicated to producing premium, legal cannabis products, focusing on delivering exceptionally high-quality cannabis to their customers. Emphasizing superior quality, Volo Cannabis ensures their offerings meet the highest industry standards. Their mission is to provide an unparalleled cannabis experience through meticulous cultivation and innovative practices, catering to discerning consumers seeking top-tier products.

The organization has its roots deeply embedded in cannabis culture, with a history that predates legalization. The founders began their journey with a passion for cannabis and a desire to bring the highest quality products to enthusiasts. With the advent of legalization, they saw an opportunity to transition from the informal market to a legitimate business, maintaining their commitment to the craft and culture that inspired them.

Work done at Cossette.
The name "Volo" means "flight" in Italian, symbolizing the elevated feeling of being high, as if floating in the clouds. Their custom typeface reflects their transition from street culture to recognition. The compressed design of the typeface evokes the sensation of being drawn upward, aiming for the clouds. Some of the counters and traps feature a cone shape, reminiscent of a joint. The primary inspiration for the overall vibe of the typeface is graffiti bombing, which imparts a curvy and bold aesthetic. This artistic choice effectively bridges their informal market past with their current identity, embodying both their heritage and their aspirations.

Vedran Vaskovic
available for freelance projects
+1 514 834-3014
Montréal, Canada