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Celebrating 25 years, Camtel marks a significant milestone not only for the company but also for Cameroon. The anniversary is a testament to Camtel's enduring impact on the nation's telecommunications landscape. To commemorate this achievement, a grand event was organized, bringing together clients, stakeholders, and employees to celebrate the journey and accomplishments. However, beyond the event, there was a need for a strong visual identity to carry on throughout the anniversary year. This visual identity ensures that the celebration of Camtel's legacy and future aspirations is consistently recognized and integrated across all platforms and communications.

For the 25th anniversary, Camtel's monogram has been creatively adapted. The original monogram is split into four parts, forming simple shapes that can be rearranged to create the number 25. This design elegantly ties the celebration to Camtel's established brand identity while symbolizing the company's journey and growth over the past quarter-century.

Work done at Cossette.


Vedran Vaskovic
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Montréal, Canada